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This Ochaia (Teahouse) was a featured element of a gold metal winning show garden at the 2005 North West Flower and Garden Show.
Special $32,500 - set up anywhere in Western Washington, includes cedar shingle roof but not a foundation.
Construction details below.

The teahouse is constructed of Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar and clear Western Red Cedar. The main structural elements are joined using mortise and tennon joinery. The wall panels are of M.D.O. plywood painted with sand textured paint to appear as traditional stucco walls but offering the advantage of extreme weather resistance and easy maintenance.

Inside dimensions are roughly 9'x12'. It is set up as a six tatami mat room and will accommodate six standard size tatami. The engawa (porch) is 3' wide.

Shoji (door) panels are Port Orford Cedar with Warlon paper inserts. Warlon is a Japanese paper with a PVC resin laminated on each side. It's very durable and is washable. The Shoji are easily removed and can be set aside opening the building up 6' either side of the common corner.

The above offer is for this teahouse only. It is being sold at demo model pricing as I do not wish to store it and would much rather see it being used.